- Clever
- Obedient
- Lives for a long time
- Loves children


It is not simply reduced copy of standard schnauzer. Though zwergschnauzer directly occurs from mittelschnauzer and, probably, from its selective crossings with tiny pincher and affenpincher. Today he represents quite independent breed with features inherent only his constitution and temperament. Zwergschnauzer - the fineest version of german schnauzers. He applies in catching of rats, on this field he shows uncommon abilities.

Problems in the maintenance

Feels better, when lives at home

Zwergschnauzer - similar schnauzer in miniature, charming small dog with bushy eyebrowes. He is good-natured, adores children and also happy, when is together with all in the house or city apartment, but not in the kennel.

General view

Zwergschnauzer - dog of strong addition, strong, brawny, enough widebody, almost square format. In his character combined ardency, reliability, force, endurance and vigorous energy. Thin sense of smell and clever - his feature: he always on the check.

The sizes

Ideal growth: female - 0,33 m, male - 0,355 m.


Zwergschnauzer pleasant to gambol in a garden, and he waits with impatience the long walks when it is possible to run about much.

Care of a coat

Dog of this breed it is necessary to pull out manually in the spring and in the summer if want to show his on exhibitions. Invite for this purpose the expert or pass instructing in the club - remember, that inept, clumsy hands can spoil the most good character. Careful cleaning by a brush is necessary every week, as well as pull out dead hairs of the underfur.

In the conclusion

Zwergschnauzer very unpretentious, both in the maintenance, and in meal. He really is an ideal city dog. Small sizes of zwerg demands a little place , his walking and contents of the good form - less time, and his maintenance - less financial expenses. In meal zwerg it is not declined to gluttony. He is very convenient on travel, both on city, and on distant trips. He can be transported in a special bag on a shoulder or in small box.
Really, it is possible to think, that people have created zwerg only for pleasure.
Even in a variety a wool color zwerg can be compared unless with a poodle. It is officially recognized 4 zwerg colors: black, black and silver, pepper with salt, white.
Zwergschnauzer is a service dog also demands to itself the correct and strict attitude.