Orientstar Bogemija VulkanHello!.
My name is Natalia Shiryaeva. By a profession I'm the lawyer, but since the childhood dreamed to be engaged cinology. Now I in parallel about the basic profession - Interexpert RKF-FCI, the President of National club of breed "Zwergschnauzer" and the breeder of famous kennel «SANTA KNYRYS».
First my dog became riesenschnauzer Praizis Betyar which has lived with me ten years. In memory of it I have named its electronic address. After it in kennel "Grigus" I have taken from Galina Korobkova already adult female the same breed Gedflaj Grig, or Ellis. To fans of riesenschnauzers it also is known under name Shlendra. It was very titled dog - Interchampion, the Vice-champion of the World, the Best schnauzer of 1996, the Champion of Eurasia, Rusia, etc. But the main thing-it there was the cleverest dog with powerful intelligence, the present FRIEND of whom the dog breeder can dream only. It has lived 12 years, 8 from which Ellis was with me. In 2004 she was died.

I am breeded zwergschnauzers more than 20 years. The first, a dog colour black & silver, I have brought from Prague in 1989. It was DICK VECNY RIVAL. His daughter TSVETA ART became the first Interchampion from Russia. From this female in the first has been received litter in kennel and her puppies became the first zwergschnauzers with a prefix SANTA KNYRYS. The kennel SANTA KNYRYS was created in 1993. At first me it was necessary to register it through Estonia as SANTA KNIRIS GRUM, and after the introduction of Russia in FCI already registered in Russia as SANTA KNYRYS. From those times the dogs, received in kennel, are successfully exposed at all exhibitions, from Russian regional up to the World championships and the Europe.

For these years in kennel it is received:
The World winner 2016 (Moscow)
The World winner in Baby 2015 (Milan)
The World winner 2012 (Salzburg)
The World vice-winner 2012 (Salzburg)
The 2x Euro vice-winner 2011 (Amsterdam)
The 2x World veteran winner 2009 (Bratislava)
The Euro winner 2009 (Doublin)
The 2x Euro vice-winner 2009 (Doublin)
The 2x Euro junior winner 2009 (Doublin)
The Euro vice-winner 2006 (Helsinki)
The World junior winner 2002 (Amsterdam)
The Euro vice-winner 2002 (Paris)
The World vice-winner 2001 (Porto)
The World junior vice-winner 2001 (Porto)
The Euro winner 2000 (Poznan)
The Euro vice-winner 2000 (Poznan)
The World winner 1998 (Helsinki)
The World veteran winner 1998 (Helsinki)
The World winner 1996 (Budapest)
The World vice-winner 1996 (Budapest)

80 Interchampions
More than 700 Russian Champions
More than 400 Russian Junior Champions
More than 300 Champions of different countries
More than 100 Junior Champions of different countries
50 Club Champions of different countries
90 Club Champions of Russia
55 Junior Club Champions of Russia
60 Grand Champions of Russia

Winners and prize-winners of:
The Euro Dog Show 2003 in Bratislava
The Euro Dog Show 2004 in Barcelona
The Euro Dog Show 2005 in Tulln
The Euro Dog Show 2006 in Finland
The Euro Dog Show 2007 in Croatia
The World Dog Show 2008 in Sweden
The Euro Dog Show 2008 in Hungaria
The Euro Dog Show 2009 in Ireland
The World Dog Show 2009 in Slovakia
The World Dog Show 2010 in Denmark
The Euro Dog Show 2010 in Slovenia
The World dog Show 2011 in France
The World dog Show 2013 in Hungary
The World dog Show 2014 in Finland
The World dog Show 2015 in Italy
The Euro Dog Show 2015 in Norway
The Euro Dog Show 2016 in Belgium

10 Champions and the Junior Champions of International the Schnauzer-Pincher Union
Many Champions of Finland, Poland, Czech, Sweden, Luxembourg, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Georgia, Bulgaria, Greece, Makedonia, etc.

Participation in Breder's group competitions:
- BIS-1 the World championship of 2001
- BIS-1 the International show "Eurazia -2005"
- BIS-1 of the World championship of schnauzers of 2001
- BIS-2 the Championship of the Europe of 2000
- BIS-2 the World championship of schnauzers of 1999
- BIS-3 the World championship of 1996

Repeated victories over competitions of couple, breeding and progeny groups of exhibitions of various ranks over Russia, Finland, Italy, Hungary, Lithuania, Belarus, Greece, Georgia.
Ancestors of kennel are the producers taken out by me from abroad and their numerous descendants which blood is available practically for all black& silver and partially at dogs of others colours. Now in kennel imported producers and males-champions of own breeding are used. For years of work it is created many famous females-reproducers, which invariable please with puppies of higher class, than they. On numerous responses of experts of the international and Russian level, a dog of kennel SANTA KNYRYS are easily recognized in any country, are same and possess fine character and exhibition spirit, that also proves to be true their numerous victories in show rings and show competitions.
I am glad that you have visited my vebsite and I hope to find new friends.